Claim Management Service

In the event of an accident, you need to know what to claim.  Not At Fault, Melbourne, our Australian-operated car repair service center that is based in Melbourne has been serving our customers in the entire Metropolitan area and suburbs of Melbourne.

Being a crew of professional experts in the field of the automobile services industry, we are the best and most sought-after third-party insurance claims in Australia.

Do You Need A Claim As A Third-Party?

In cases where you have been involved in a car accident or vehicle damage of another’s property, and it is not at your fault, claiming back for damages incurred from the insured party is a must. To get this done, proving the damage or loss caused as a result of the incident is what has to be done next.

At Not At Fault, Melbourne, we provide a multitude of services to help you to claim from the responsible person. Additionally, you will have to prove that the losses borne by you were the direct result of the accident. Plus, there are many other factors to be proved such as negligence of the third party, the requirement of material damages and so on, as the claimant.

We, therefore, help you with all the necessary advice and steps to further proceed with the third-party insurance claim processes, thus saving your time and effort, which you could otherwise focus on your core duties, as normal.

 What Do We provide At Not At Fault For Third-Party Insurance Claims In Melbourne?

Due to the wide range and variants of third party claims, and the specific types of laws pertaining to claims in the different states and territories in Australia, it is not always easy to figure out which party is the responsible party and the situations in which a successful third-party insurance claim can be proven rightfully. This is where you must seek our advice and Not At Fault, Melbourne gets things done perfectly on your behalf.

At the need of a third-party insurance claim, stress out no more. Just give us a call and get your claims done quickly, and be back on the road. You can also know our best offers based on price, time of, by dropping us a call at 1800 343 146 or mail us at

Third-Party Insurance Claims